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Spacejunk! The Hunt for AI

(Spacejunk! Series Book One)

Clumsy, hapless and inexperienced, Syd Hawkes is a far cry from the superstar bounty hunters she aspires to be like. When the galaxy’s leading technology conglomerate’s new AI is stolen, they call in the best to get it back. Syd is not one of them. But a random coincidence offers her a shot at the contract: her chance to break into the big time. Romping through space in an ancient ship and filled with unwarranted optimism, Syd will encounter fierce competition, weird catastrophes and a strange new friend. But when Syd learns that the AI is not what she thinks, can she still do what it takes to step up to the big leagues.

Spacejunk! The Hunt for AI will be released in ebook and paperback from the 1st of August 2020.

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